About Danielle Wedgeworth

Author - Phoenix Republic, The Lone Star Gambit


Danielle graduated from a private Christian University in nineteen-eighty-four and worked as a retail manager for a couple of years until joining the United States Army.  Serving as an enlisted soldier, NCO, and as a commissioned officer, Danielle gained a well-rounded overview of military life. 

She served in both the regular army and the Army National Guard during the late nineteen-eighties and the first part of the nineteen-nineties.  Since then, she has worked for major corporations as an IT Leader, and she is a small business owner.

Now, opening another chapter, Danielle is beginning a new phase of activism, the goal of which, is to promote Americans to cherish their freedom and to think for themselves.  She hopes to encourage readers to fiercely protect their individual civil rights and to care for their neighbors.  Writing Phoenix Republic, The Lone Star Gambit is the kick-off for this adventure.

Danielle’s new novel, Sovereign’s Journey – due out in late 2014!

Look for Danielle’s new novel, Sovereign’s Journey – due out in late 2014!

The year is 2084.  After decades of warfare between western nations and the Islamic cultures of the Middle East the savage battle of civilization abruptly concludes following a horrifying nuclear exchange.  Exhausted and horrified, Earth’s war-weary populations succumb to their increasingly totalitarian government’s solution to ban religious practices of any kind.  Now Ruthlessly persecuted, men and women of faith have only one option to regain their freedom, they must escape!


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