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What refusing to call evil by its name looks like.

Have you ever read a newspaper from the months and years before a catastrophic event?  In college, when I was studying in the library, I would occasionally take a break and look up some old newspapers from the 1930s from before WWII.  It is eerie how similar in tone stories from that time are to the tone of current news stories.  Today we are sitting on the precipice of a cataclysmic war, and far too many of our family and friends don’t see the historical trends from the past being replayed before our eyes.  Every day media and political elites dismiss what may well be coming.  Today, as it was then, people have endured years of war.  Just as Americans in the 1930s, we are all sick and tired of the tragedy, hardship, and conflict.  As Neville Chamberlain did then, Mr. Obama and other Western leaders repeat the same mistakes.

Mary Ramirez, a contributor for the Blaze  recounted how during the run up to WWII, progressives, led by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain refused to see or acknowledge that fascism was about to plunge them into another horrific war.  The stories of the time were about the Reischstag fire, concentration camps, and Kristallnacht.  There were accounts of Unrest in Spain, Stalin’s purges in Russia, Arabs attacking Jews in Palestine and Nazis attacking Jews in Germany.  China was invaded by Japan, and of course, in 1938 stories of Germany occupying Austria and Czechoslovakia dominated the headlines.  I am sure that people in the 1930s were as concerned then as we are today, and yet they allowed Nazi Germany to become so powerful that freedom almost did not prevail.


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The question is will enough people today have learned the lessons of the 1930s?   A few months after the Nazis occupied Austria, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared he had “achieved peace in our time..” in September of 1938.  A year later Britain entered formally into a fight for it’s life.  In today’s world, the American President, Mr. Obama adamantly refuses to characterize Islamic Fascism as being what it is, evil.  How many times has he downplayed the capability of ISIS?  He has depicted them as the junior varsity, and he has claimed to have decimated their capability to fight.  Today, Mr. Obama’s negotiations with Iran will likely result in Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  I would suggest that today, as in the 1930s we may come to regret his actions.

A couple of weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the American Congress to warn U.S. lawmakers of the dangers inherent in Iran’s chase for nuclear power.  Americans are witness to news story after news story of the most horrific of monstrous atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians.  In Paris a few weeks ago, the world watched as Islamic terrorists killed innocent people.  Earlier this year over 15,000 Nazi’s marched in Germany.  In Greece the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, won third place in recent elections.  In Europe, the rising hatred of Jews in Europe has become epidemic.   Zach Noble from the Blaze wrote of Jews in France, once estimated at 500,000, is now closer to 400,000 and getting smaller every day.  In many places in the Middle East, Christians are literally being hunted in to extinction.  Will a student a hundred years from now, look back and wonder why we allowed a holocaust to happen again?

No rational human being wants war or the heartache that goes with war.  The key is to know when a fight is inevitable and how to properly frame the struggle so that citizens understand clearly why they are sacrificing.  The U.S. is over 18 trillion dollars in debt and the economy has been week for years.  Americans are highly polarized.  A real war must not be undertaken lightly.

I would suggest that most Americans, if they are paying attention at all, recognize that hard times are coming.  ISIS must be eliminated, not appeased, and certainly not accommodated, but to eliminate ISIS – to put Americans solders into harm’s way – it is imperative that the nature of this enemy must be clearly painted for the American people.  Any leader thinking to undertake a war for civilization must firmly understand that this is not just another police action.  While the elimination of ISIS must be done, I do not think Mr. Obama capable of leading such and endeavor.

The 2016 election promises to give us a typical field of candidates, yet many Americans, even those aware of the dangers facing us, remain unwilling to vote for principles over party.  The question is, will America continue to follow the same establishment party leaders until tragedy is unavoidable, or will they recognize the world for what it is and act accordingly.

Eric Lawson, author of the “In the Garden of Beasts,” showed how Germans In the 1930’s embraced Adolf Hitler.  Will Americans face our challenges today as men and women determined to live free or will we seek easy answers and continue living in denial?

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